Sunday, February 08, 2009

How did I forget to mention this?

The paperback of Caroline Smailes's wonderful novel, Black Boxes is now available (together with a blurb from me) and she's running a competition to win a whole bunch of goodies. I'm not quite sure what you have to do - I've read the rules twice and it seems to involve getting into a box wearing a bikini to hide from the judge, Scott Pack, but good luck, and, if you win, remember sharing is for grown-ups!

And ... hey, we have a link ... Caroline recently hosted the excellent writer, Elizabeth Baines, also known as blogger, fictionbitch, who will be visiting this blog on the 11th Feb.

It's all happening. Superman don't need no seat belt...


Megan said...

But he does need Big Pants (lest we forget)
Black Boxes is utterly stunning, and I've just begun Baines' collection, which I'm enjoying

Sarah Salway said...

I LOVED Black Boxes - cried a lot though. And I'm happy about you enjoying Elizabeth's collection, she's on here today. COme and join us, I'll pour you some coffee, Megan!