Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's time for another fifty word story ... Shadows

I kept my fairies locked up in the dark until my wife told me I was too controlling. The first fairy I took out lit up the house. Even my wife found her radiance was unbearable. We keep them in the shadows now. Where we can best manage their luck.


Douglas Bruton said...

Hang it there, Bethany said. Where you can see it everyday. It’ll bring luck. You’ll see.

So it hangs there still, dust on its fairy wings, looking at me, smiling.

And Bethany’s gone. Just the memory of things she said and a wardrobe full of clothes that smell of her.

Douglas Bruton said...

Good to be back doing this... I have missed this little exercise... not that I have been idle... I have something posted on Greyling Bay and two more pieces coing up there soon.

But I do like these 50 word things.

Like your piece on this, Sarah. Such a lot going on in it.

Thanks for this... for all of these.


Nik's Blog said...

Love it, Sarah.

Kathryn said...

Look up. Far above our heads swings an angel. Her wings are studded by sins – vanity, greed, lust, hate, dishonesty, violence, laziness and lost university ID cards - each represented by a nine inch nail hammered into a cross. She will be suspended there until she finds out who she is.

Sarah Salway said...

Thanks Nik and Douglas, and great posts D and K. I love reading what other people have done with it and often scribble something in response to yours - and so it goes on...