Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Two years ago, I ran away to join the circus. Or an animation project in Iowa anyway, the Tiny Circus. Some of the things I learnt there and the people I met have definitely changed my creative process.

So it's great to see the project gearing up for its third year via its blog. Here's one of the videos I worked on when I was there (I may have put it up already, but I like it and this is my blog):

This one is really sweet too:


Milton said...

Wow, these are great Sarah! Loved the skeleton and grim reaper doing arm wrestling :)

Milt x

brokenbiro said...

These are gorgeous! I especially liked the hand (of 'God') tinkering with the greenery.

Megan said...

Oh - they're fantabulous!
The Tiny Circus looks like an amazing project (loving their trailers too)


Thanks all - go and visit too. Iowa is completely magical. I didn't expect that at all, and everyone kept telling me I was mad but I fell in love with the place. Not so sure about animation though - was so sloooow!