Friday, April 23, 2010


About this time every year, I'm reminded about how much I love colour. Even my writing seems more colourful. It's as if it wants to fight the greyness in me and burst out!

So it's a joy to bring it into my home (and balcony).

This is where I sit and work when I can - me and the pigeons.

And to bring some colour to your computer too, here are the three most beautiful and colourful blogs I've been enjoying recently:

1. The joyful Color Me Katie

2. The designer eye of Kris's Color Stripes

3. Yolanda's gardening and general gorgeousness blog

And I'm going to set you a challenge to write about colour - not just one, red or blue or yellow, but them all!



Annie said...

Your rooftop looks like a wonderful place to write!

Sophie Playle said...

Beautiful photos. The colours in that first image are subtle but beautiful!


It's my favourite place, Annie - and I love how people walk by but have no idea I'm there!
Thanks Sophie x