Sunday, April 25, 2010


I haven't been keeping up with the writing prompts I used to put up daily in my side bar. Bad Sarah.

However, I have been writing daily myself to prompts I put up on Twitter. Good Sarah.

You can follow me there - @sarahsalway - please do, and please say hello. But I'm also going to put up a week's worth of the writing prompts regularly on here. Perhaps there's one that takes your fancy. I tend to use these prompts for no reason other than to wake up my writing muscles, force myself not to take the first option that comes to mind when I read them, and to just enjoy the writing rather than concentrating on the product. I write something like this six days a week, and sometimes just for five minutes, but I miss it if I don't do my writing stretch!

And the prompts:

* hiring a private investigator

* the questions I'd really like to ask you

* 'jam to-morrow and jam yesterday - but never jam to-day" (Alice in Wonderland)

* two truths and one lie

* if I weren't here, I'd be .... (thanks to Kate for this one)

* staying in bed when there is a world to save.

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jem said...

Thanks for sharing some prompts again. I use them regularly. When I have that itchy need to write but don't know what, then I know I can come here and find something to work from.

And of course it's a great comfort to hear you regularly say that you use prompts, that prompts aren't some sign of weakness.