Thursday, March 09, 2006

Book titles are hard. When I was writing Something Beginning With, it was provisionally called 'A Lexicon of Love', but then we found another Lexicon of Love coming out around the same time which was, from memory, subtitled 'a dictionary of depravity', and with the best will in the world, my novel couldn't really compete with that. Imagine my sister's dilemma then, when she had to find a suitable name for her book on self-massage. Strangely enough we could come up with lots of suggestions, most of which we found very funny indeed, but none with the air of family values and professionalism she wanted. Or deserved, because it's not just sisterly pride that makes me think hers is a really great book. Funny though how easy it is to think of titles for other people's books, but not your own. Perhaps you just get too close to it. There's a great site for finding out whether your title has any commercial value or not. It's here.

And my writing prompt for today is ... a meal to remember.

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