Saturday, March 18, 2006

Something(s) to read for the weekend? Here are two stories which create very different atmospheres. Try Chris Mann Shaw's funny story, Dead Laundry:
What we aim for is, invariably, not what we get. By we I mean all of us. Or some of us. Or maybe just people like me.

and Myfanwy Collins's sparkling short, Prey:
There is not a great deal of light.

She lives at the bottom of a hill, in a valley of sorts. The sun goes down early. In the summer, it is behind the three big oak trees by 5PM. Without this light is a depression or an excuse to have cocktails earlier and earlier. By December, the glasses and ice were coming out at 3:59PM in anticipation of 4PM and darkness.

And my writing prompt for today is taken from the title my favourite comic book of the moment: Life's a bitch. (Oh, how much I love Roberta Gregory)

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