Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Somehow over the years, I've managed to keep some kind of educational authority over my children - mostly by not letting them know exactly what a rebel I was at school. However, they found my reports recently - Geography - I hear Sarah is giving up Geography this year, however I was under the impression she gave it up several years ago. History - Sarah has no phobia for spiders. Biology - Sarah must learn to concentrate and not be silly when there are boys about. And now I've just been sat down to do this intelligence test. My only excuse is that it's harder than it looks and Moby was playing in the background, depressing me.

And my writing prompt is .... exams.

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Shirl said...

I think our old school reports are now an extinct breed Sarah. Comments by teachers such as yours say so much more than: Jo Bloggs is achieving at Level 3 in his speaking and listening skills blah blah. So impersonal and so much less entertaining than: Jo loves to chat to all his classmates but it would be better if he did so on the playground more often and less frequently while in class. (I'm an ex-teacher of the 'old school').