Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cough... cough... please meet my beautiful new baby! This is the press announcement from the publisher which went out today:

New Title: Messages by Sarah Salway & Lynne Rees
A wilfully unusual and creative book, Messages is what can happen when two talented writers share their words, without meeting. Using email, 300 pieces of exactly 300 words were exchanged, each one returned within a time limit of 72 hours. Links between the pieces were made creatively – words, theme, character, object, form, or even mood. In all, the project took eighteen months to complete and the results are now available in book form.

Messages is beautifully produced in a book 8" square, and features a cover based on original artwork from Tony Crosse. Scheduled to be officially released on the 22nd of May, we have a limited number of pre-release copies currently available and they are well worth investing in with a RRP of £10.

About The Authors
Sarah Salway lives in Kent with her family. She is the author of Something Beginning With (Bloomsbury 2004) and her second novel, Tell Me Everything (Bloomsbury), will be published in 2007. Her poems and short stories have been widely published in magazines and anthologies. Sarah tutors on the Masters in Creative Writing and Personal Development at the University of Sussex, and her doctoral research is on family stories. www.sarahsalway.com

Lynne Rees was born and grew up in Wales. She is a creative writing tutor for the University of Kent, the first creative writing tutor to receive the Faculty of Humanities Prize for innovative and imaginative teaching practices, and runs AppleHouse Poetry, an independent project supporting poets in the South East through masterclasses and workshops. She is the author of a novel, The Oven House (Bluechrome 2004), and a collection of poetry, Learning How to Fall (Parthian 2005). www.lynnerees.co.uk

Title: Messages
ISBN: 1-904781-92-6
Author: Sarah Salway & Lynne Rees
Published by: bluechrome
Page count: 324
RRP: £10
Released: 22nd May 2006
Availability: In Print

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And my writing prompt is ... Messages!


Kate Long said...

Have this on pre-order from Amazon - very much looking forward to reading it!

Anonymous said...

me too - ditto!

Justin Crouse said...

Wow Sarah congrats!!!

what a fantastic idea. i'm getting mine on order too. how will i go about getting it signed? :)

fantastic news.


Sarah said...

Thank you, thank you. Justin - you'll just have to come over here to get the signature!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I've ordered this - sounds irresistible!