Friday, March 03, 2006

I can't wait for the Oscars. There's something so inspiring about all that team work, even when it's individuals winning the gongs. I think that's what I miss most about being a writer - I love all the tittle-tattle and stupid jokes that go on when a group of people work together. So one of my missions for this year is to do something that involves working as a team, not just teaching. Anyway the full list is here.


gusgo said...


I don´t know why there aren´t any comments in your blog, but I think is a good site, even if only have 3 visitor and this comment.
I can´t tell you how I came here, because I don´t know. I´m a blogger from Guadalajara, Mexico, and I think is good to see other people and other points of view.

Greeeting, and apologise my poor knowledge in your language.


Sarah said...

Thanks for dropping by, Gusgo. I'm not quite a nobby no-mates - the site counter went up just about an hour before you came here, but I appreciate the comment.