Monday, March 13, 2006

There's an interesting series of readings on time coming up in London this month. The blurb reads:
How do writers use history to make their own mark on the literary landscape? Switching from personal memories to political milestones, looking at place, myth, art and architecture, Stop the Clock questions how we read the present through our collective past. In this major series of talks on history and the perception of time, British and European writers will discuss the way contemporary writing explores these themes. The series will run through March in the Purcell Room of the South Bank Centre.

The programme can be found here.

And thinking of time (or wasting it), counting sheep has never really worked to send me to sleep because they always get too active jumping over bigger and bigger fences, but there's something restful - and addictive - about these poetic sheep. I can't stop shuffling them into different word formations. Keeping the sheep theme, I'm going to use this half-cut lamb as my writing prompt today!

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