Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like a jug handle - all on one side

One thing that's interested me since I've been here is my reading habit. Normally I'm surrounded by books, I'm most likely to be found on my knees searching through my shelves, but because of Virgin Atlantic luggage restrictions, I've had to limit myself. Which means I spend more time looking at them.

I got out an edited notebook of Conrad Richter from the library here, and although he's won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, I hadn't heard of him before. I've made lots of notes though - here's one quote I liked:

“Writers today read too much & do likewise … Animals who feed on other animals are not good to eat – only those who feed on grass … Natural people are the grass and there are few left.”

And what's particularly wonderful is that there are lists and lists of words taken from his original notebooks. I'm going to put some more up later, but here is a collection of his 'Miscellaneous Sayings – Old-time, Country, Southern'

A woman’s name should be heard twice in public. Once when she marries & once when she dies.

Christmas comes but once a year but when it comes I’ll have my share

He doesn’t know where his behind hangs (said of proud person)

He died from shortness of breath

A word and a blow and the blow first (hasty temper)

I’d know him if I saw his hide in the tanyard

Like a jug handle – all on one side

You asked me for a lie and I gave you one

“We don’t hang our money on the wall” (told to peddlar selling enlargements of photos)

ANd my writing prompt for today is .... It's my belief we are all crazy...

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