Monday, September 01, 2008

Argh the internet...

So when my camera was broken in Minneapolis, I began to realise how reliant I had become on taking photographs as a way of recording what I was seeing. This was particularly frustrating as I walked round the Walker Gallery's fabulous artist designed mini golf course. Here's someone else's photograph instead - I can't even understand my notes - bottles, diff hites, bang shulders? (sic). Hmmm. I was trying to play AND take notes, I suppose.

Now, back at home, my internet hasn't been working properly. The strange thing is how it makes me feel the same as when I didn't have a camera. As if I'm short-sighted somehow. Or I'm missing one of my senses. Anyway, this is also an excuse as to why the prompts aren't always up on the right day. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

1 comment:

Alex said...

I'm permanently scared that the interweb is going to break down. Then it'll be curtains for me. I'll have to find a real job.