Monday, September 22, 2008

On Doing Nothing

There's a piece I wrote about just this up at The Short Review now. I'd love to know if anyone else feels the same!


Nik's Blog said...

Definitely, definitely, definitely struck a chord with me. But I'm also one of those who feels guilty if I leave it too long. And the scratchines I feel when I do leave it too long can be counter productive. It's a really odd place one needs to be when writing, and I only know if I can find it once I start; that's probably more applicable to starting new things than it is to editing or rewriting though.

It was a terrific piece. Thanks for sharing.


jem said...

Great piece Sarah - always fascinating to gain little insights into how writers write, or dont write.

I don't tend to stray that far from home, but I do have times when I opt out of being observant and looking for inspiration and just amble, almost like a zombie (or the teenagers you mentioned) and see where I end up and often this clears my head and allows for a fresh start.

I'm also a believer in sometimes banning myself from writing for brief periods, as then the urge to write comes back so much stronger. I think its kind of like those 'rest cures' they used to enforce on woman writers in the past. It either drove them completely mad or to achieve great things.

Nancy said...

Hi Sarah. Yes, I know just what you mean about the silence. Most of our communication is response and is required. It is connected with decision, opinion, value making and judgment. Speaking for myself, this type of communication is not particularly relaxing and it is seldom original. That quiet place where you went was a place of No Response Required.

To get there requires more than a single day alone. One must also indulge oneself by eating alone, sleeping alone, and doing these only when one's body requires them - or not.

I love this place, and I'm glad you've found it too.

Sarah Salway said...

Thanks all, I love the idea, Nancy, of calling it a place - somewhere you can go to. And also a 'rest cure', Jem. Nik, yep, I know that guilt and scratchiness - I never really associate it though with NOT writing until I start to write again and each time, I think, ah this is what I was missing.